Fresh Eyes Proofing

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 Every Author Needs FRESH EYES!

 "Avid readers notice mistakes, and it affects whether they want to finish your book, review it or buy another one in the future." ~Sandy Penny

Hi, Sandy Penny here. I am the Founder of Sweet Mystery Books. My love of reading, mysteries and the written word inspired me to offer my PROOFING SKILLS for traditional and self-published novels. I read dozens of books every month for my blog, and typos, grammatical errors and wrong words automatically jump out. I hate to see authors shoot themselves in the foot by not having an excellent final proofing. Even if you use an editor and several readers, if they have looked at the book more than once, you need  FRESH EYES. 

FRESH EYES: I prefer to read and proof final manuscripts and point out the little things that were missed along the way. With almost every book I read, I notice 10 to 50 errors, even in traditionally published novels, but particularly in independently published work. I know I hate to find typos, even in my blog posts and web pages, and I really appreciate someone who lets me know if I have missed something. So, I'm making an unbeatable offer for professional proofreading - so your books can be as error-free and polished as possible. 

All you have to do is:

    • Pay through Paypal or with a credit card below
    • Email me your digital manuscript: Kindle preferred, but Microsoft Word or PDF are fine
    • [No paper manuscripts, please. I'm all digital.]
    • Quick turnaround guaranteed
    • Please include your preferred contact information with a phone number.


For longer projects, please email Sandy for a quote.


$ 111.00 USD

15,000 - 29,999 WORDS


$ 199.00 USD

30,000 TO 59,000 WORDS

I just found this music online, and it is perfect for my Fresh Eyes Proofing, so I thought I'd share it. Tickled me to find it at #fresheyes And the singer is Andy Grammer, spelled differently but funny nonetheless.

Sandy Penny began proofing my books, and that caused a discussion about changing my website to better present my Regency Romance stories. I now use her to proof all my projects. She worked with me on design suggestions, building the site, refining it as we went along, writing content, and even suggesting a new book for my series. Sandy embodies the spirit of the site while using her web building and wide range of other skills to make this process fast and easy for me. She even does my social media posting. Her prices are excellent. If she ever discovers how valuable she is to me, I'm in a lot of trouble. ~Amelia Fernside, Regency Romance Author,


$ 288.00 USD

60,000 TO 90,000